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Toilet Paper Making Machine
  • Toilet Paper Making Machine
  • Toilet Paper Making Machine
  • Toilet Paper Making Machine

Toilet Paper Making Machine

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Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China



Toilet Paper Making Machine 

New type toilet paper rewinding machine: automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts international advanced PLC computer programming technology, man - machine interface operation, adopts variable frequency speed regulation, photoelectric paper cutting automatic gluing, multiple function devices on the machine, automatic spray glue, frequency conversion Speed adjustment, edge sealing and trimming are completed at one time, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves product quality. It is an ideal equipment for producing hygiene roll paper. Full automatic tissue paper rewinding machine operation process: First, the raw paper is placed on the paper feed frame (triaxial paper), the paper feeding frame has an automatic paper feeding device, a paper feeding device, and then the paper is sent to the paper feeding roller in the paper feeding roller. The front bar device flattens the paper, and the rear punch device finally enters the guide device. There are hollow paper shaft devices on both sides of the guide roller to make unintentional roll paper. The roll paper is guided by a guide roll and a paper roll. The roll paper is adjusted according to the customer's requirements and can be easily adjusted by the air pressure control. The roll paper reaches a certain specification and the machine will automatically stop and roll out the roll paper automatically. The paper roll is separated by a paper cutter, and the automatic spray sealer is sealed while cutting the paper. The entire program is completed, after the power - on delay to the time, the machine will restart automatically. After the finished product is finished, the paper is then cut by a large saw into rolls of different specifications (customer requirements cut). The whole process is controlled by computer programming PLC and frequency conversion. Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine counting features: Frequency control, photoelectric, pneumatic control, embossing, punching, winding, automatic gluing, cutting, sealing, automatic blowing in one, to ensure smooth winding. Automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing are completed synchronously, which reduces the paper loss when the roll paper is transferred into the band saw machine to cut off the package, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the finished product grade.

Toilet Rolling Machines Models And Main Parameters


Model Item 1575
Jumbo Roll Width ≤1800mm
Finished Roll Diameter Φ60 ~ 150mm (Adjustable)
Finished Roll Core Diameter Φ32 ~ 50mm
Perforating Size (Please Setting) 2 blades, 180 ~ 320mm
Processing Capacity 200m / min
Operation Panel specialized operation system, touch screen displays in English.
Programming Controller PLC computer programming
Paper Unwind Stand 1 - 3 Stands (The Qty. of Raw Paper Rolls to be Specified) (To be Ordered)
Pneumatic System 3HP Air Compressor, Which The Min. Pressure is 5kg / cm2pa (Supplied by User) Control Voltage
Power speed adjust by inverter 5. 5 - 15KW
Dimensions (mm) 6200x2600x800 ~ 6200x4000x800
Weight 3800 ~ 9000kg




Main Funcations Of Ean Toilet Roll Machine:

  • Automatic toilet paper roll making machinery web can be threaded on the machine by two jog buttons, It's more safety and easier to operated.
  • Adjust finshed roll's elastic by pneumatic, make the finished roll diameter consistent. Automatic rewinding, distinguishing paper roll's width, hardness and tightness.
  • Three backstands, pneumatic jumbo roll loading, and pneumatically wide belt paper unwinding driving, and individual web tension control unit for each jumbo roll.
  • Automatic toilet paper tail trimming, gluing and sealing: it adopts international popular trimming and sealing, which can have 10 - 18mm tails for easy pulling out when being used, winding must be tight at beginning and then loose towards end, to prevent loose cores after long storage time, One log can be finished rewinding and unloading within 8 - 12 seconds.
  • For lifting the giant jumbo rolls, a width over 1. 9 meters, diameter over 0. 8m, weight about 150kg rolls, Ean toilet roll machines use paper reeling stand, Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand by electric lifting device, can transport it directly to the unreeling stand of the rewinding machine. Improve work efficiency and saving labor costs.
  • With pneumatic lifter for perforating system and web riding roller / embossing roller, so it is convenient to adjust machine and fix out breakdown (for wide type of machine), With perforating units protecting system, the paper break or breakdown happens, the perforating units will separate automatically, so the perforating blade will not be damaged.
Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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