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Toilet paper machine
  • Toilet paper machine
  • Toilet paper machine
  • Toilet paper machine

Toilet paper machine

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Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China


Toilet paper machine

The machine adopts computer programming technology to realize automatic change of paper tube (or coreless automatic roll paper), automatic glue spraying, edge sealing and edge trimming, reducing the work intensity of workers, improving production efficiency and product quality, and producing hygiene roll paper The ideal equipment. Since its introduction into the market, it has been highly praised by users at home and abroad, and its production and sales have been continuously improved.

Equipment features

1, automatic embossing toilet paper rewinding machine can choose to press the flower, pressure full of flowers, embossed toilet paper and non - embossed toilet paper can make the paper more beautiful, when used, each layer of paper does not spread, and the package effect is obvious , Weight savings of 10% or more when finished products of the same size.

2, automatic embossing toilet paper rewinding machine is equipped with processing unmotivated, solid, roll paper toilet paper, toilet paper machine can instantly complete the switch between products, but also according to user needs matching.

3. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing, and pumping shaft are completed synchronously at the same time, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is cut into the band saw, cut and packaged, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has tails , easy to enable.


4. Pneumatic belt feeding, reels and each axis have independent tension adjustment mechanism.

Model 1092 1575 1760 2200 2500 2800 3000 3200
Max Width of Raw Paper 1300mm 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2500, mm 2800mm 3000mm 3200mm
Outer Dia. of Raw Paper 1200mm (Other size to be specified)
unwinding stand 1 - 3 Stands (The Qty. of raw paper rolls to be specified) ( To be ordered)
Inner Dia. of Raw Paper Core 3 inches
(76. 2) (Other Size need order)
Data setting Human - machine interface(the touching screener is optional. )
Programming Controller PLC
Braking Electronical / pneumatic
Machine Speed 0 - 200m/per hour
Operating Speed 0 - 180m/per hour
Outer Dia. of Finished Product 90 - 135 mm (Other Size to be Specified)
Dia. of Finished Product Core 25 - 50m

25 - 50m

Dia. Control of Finished Product Electronical / pneumatic
perforating 4 pieces of circular soft knives, the distance is 108±2mm(Other Size to be Specified)
Perforating distance Adjustable
Pneumatical System Air Compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2pa(offered by customers)
Control Voltage regulated power DC24V(for your reference , need order)
Main Machine Structure Wallboard type
Mainframe Transmission Stepless gear - box
Move Mode Synchronous Belt
Main Transmission conversion adjusting 5. 5 - 22kw
Optional function


4 knives : the distance is 90 - 140mm
2 knives: the distance is 200 - 350mm
1 knife: the distance is200 - 500mm


Embossment Single Embossing, Double Embossing , Steel to Steel Embossing , Pneumatic Embossing (To be Ordered)
Side Rolling Embossment Independent Pneumatic
Gluing and Laminating kitchen paper towels: Gluing form point to point or point to the whole surface of the paper
Color glue tissue roll


The company produces:

Machinery For Finished Product:

  • Machine For Making Toilet Paper Roll
  • Machine For Making Facial Tissue
  • Machine For Making Paper Napkin
  • Machine For Making Paper Towel

Machinery By Functions:

  • Toilet Rewinding Machine For Sale
  • Toilet Paper Cutting Machine
  • Log Saw Machine
  • Tissue packing machine
  • Tissue Paper Printing Machine
  • Toilet Paper Core Spiral Tube Making Machine

Frequent Questions On Toilet Paper Roll Making Machine

Q1: What's the toilet roll making productiom payment terms , trade terms you accept ?

Usually we appreciate T/T 30% deposit , then 70% balance is paid before shipment , we usually offer fob Qingdao price . but we also accept other way like L/C , wetern union , and do CFR&CIF etc.

Q2: Does the roll core making machine easy to operate and what can i do if it doesn't work?

First , our toilet paper rolling machine is stable and easy to operate by one man , what you do is just learn some basic thing like loading the jumbo roll paper, start the machine and cutting the paper. And we will sent you manual and video , we suggest you to come to visit our factory to learn more thing by yourself , and if there is something goes wrong , you can call us , video - chat , email us . And we will give solutions within 36 hrs . Our engineer also can be distributed to overseas as you required.

Q3: If the toilet paper machine's spare parts broken, where can i get?

We will give you the spare parts which is vulnerable, and some critical parts like gear box, our quality is good, in case it broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Q4: How can our toilet roll plant obtain the raw material?

The raw materials are mainly made from wood pulp, cane syrup, deinked waste paper.

You can purchase the raw material in your area. If you like, we can purchase raw material from our cooperated suppliers in China at low cost for you.

How to get the cost of toilet paper making machine

If you want to purcahse toilet paper making machine prices, Just leave your message now. We also can customize specil kinds of toilet paper production process line by your requirment. You will get replyed in 12 hours.

Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 02.06.2020
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