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Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine
  • Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine
  • Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine
  • Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine
  • Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine

Сorrugated cardboard Cut-Off machine

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Brand:Elmira machinery
Country of manufacture:China

Сorrugated cardboard Cut - Off machine

The NC corrugated cardboard cut off machine is used for crose - cutting the corrugated cardboard to the size required. This machine is mainly compose of length adjust mechanism, speed up adjust mechanism and Knife roller adjust mechanism. Computerized touch screen control, it is one of the important machine in the Automatic corrugated cardboard production line.

1. Max. design speed: 100 m/min Max production speed : 80 m/min
2. With watch - window on two sides wallboard, easy for see in manufacturing and maintenance.
3. Driving part adopts hermetic lubricate, make sure high precision, high stability.
4. Adopts high precision and rigidity lapping gear, suit for high speed, oil felt lubrication prolong work - life. 5. Ensure cutting blade accuracy meshing, carton sheets without raw edges. High precision cutting shaft and cutting seat, reliable and slinky.
6. Special structure design in changing blade, easy and fast to change blade.
7. Whole system design C. E standard strictly, pass industry computer test strictly, ensure high quality, long work life and stability.
8. Driving part adopts AC servo drive, drive system made in Germany, high quality and swift. Use in frequency electric system, save electric and could overcome power unstable.
9. The system had automatic check function, and could prevent equipment mangled by operate out of the rules or cursoriness operation.
10. Computer could automatic adjust cutting acceleration according paperboard size and manufacture speed, automatic follow paperboard’s speed, ensure in - phase. Computer could storage 999 different cutting orders, and could in order or priority choose cutting order. Equip with touch screen display and PLC control system.

Brand:Elmira machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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