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Napkin Paper Folding Machine
  • Napkin Paper Folding Machine
  • Napkin Paper Folding Machine
  • Napkin Paper Folding Machine
  • Napkin Paper Folding Machine

Napkin Paper Folding Machine

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Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China


 Napkin Paper Folding Machine buy in China

The Napkin paper making machine is mainly used to make the rectangular and square napkin that we often see in restaurants or other places. The Napkin paper making machine is to take disk paper as raw material. Then the disk paper will be embossed, folded into a certain size of napkin paper, and finally cut it into the napkin paper we need. The whole machine is automatically conveyed from the base paper, embossed, folded, cut and formed integrated production, and then packed. NAPKIN PAPER MAKING MACHINE


The Functions and Advantages of Napkin Paper Making Machine

1, Automatic counting, dividing the whole column, convenient packing.
2. The folding device is reliable in positioning and uniform in forming dimension.
3. We can manufacture different types of products according to user requirements.
4. This machine has the advantages of fast speed, low noise, clear and delicate embossing, and neat tidy paper.
5. The design concept of the whole machine is advanced, the layout of the structure is reasonable and standardized, the operation is stable at high speed, the performance is stable, and the operation is simple.
6. It is in accordance with the conditions for the production of sanitary products

Technical Parameter

Raw material disk paper 800 - 100mm(diameter)
Finished product size 200 x 200 - 420 x 420mm
Heating rod 1kw/220V
Main motor 1. 5kw speed regulating motor
Processing speed 800 sheets / minute
Band saw motor 0. 75kw
Working temperature of embossed roll 60 - 80 C
Shape size  2800 x 1400 x 1700 mm
Automatic embossing folding napkin weight 1000kg
Production capacity 1 tons of production in 2 - 3 days

Our Finished Product



These patterns are our samples, for reference only. We can also customize patterns according to your needs.






Our Service

1. Twenty - four hour telephone service,and Online - service with WHATSAPP SKYPE 
2. We provide the best reception service and welcome to visit our company.
3. We will answer your questions in24 hours
4. We provide technical support such as installation guidance
5. We provide the turnkey project service
6. After the machine runs well, we will provide one year warranty.
7. Providing low price accessories for a long time.




HENAN KELUE MACHINERY CO. , LTD is the enterprise of manufacturing and selling “high quality life paper machinery”. From the day of its establishment. the company has always insisted on the modern management and management concept of “people - oriented, technology

leading, quality winning, and service for users”, providing super group of products and thoughtfulness for the users at any time and anywhere.
All employees in our company firmly believe that product quality is our life. We will never allow an unqualified product to be sent to the user.
In the same industry, we never seek to achieve the maximum, but we are conscientious and conscientious in marking the most suitable products and cost - effective products. Adhering to the principle of quality first and customer first, the products have been exported to more than 100 countries, such as the United States, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, Egypt, South Аfrica, Uruguay, Chile, Sultan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, which have been well agreed by users all over the world.




The Napkin paper folding machine packing with quality wooden packing, professional packing, no need to worry about damage to products in transit.


A: What's the warranty period of the Napkin paper making machine?
B: The warranty period about the napkin paper making machine is 1 year , and if there are any problems during the warranty period, we will send spare parts to you free of charge. After this period of time, we will support you when necessary. You can contact us to solve any problems that may arise.
A: How do I search your product?
B: You can enter Napkin Paper Machine or Napkin Paper Folding Machine on the Alibab to search for our products, or search for other words, such as Automatic Napkin Paper Machine or Napkin Paper Making Machine
A: Why do I choose your company?
B: We have 20 years of experience in machine production.
C: we have a professional research team to develop machines. napkin paper making machine 
D: we have our after sales team and engineers to support customers in machine operation and product products.
E: spare parts in our machines are controlled by CNC / computer digitally for high precision manufacturing. This makes the machine last longer and more stable at high speed. Our product has a higher price performance.


Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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