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Napkin packaging machine
  • Napkin packaging machine
  • Napkin packaging machine

Napkin packaging machine

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Country of manufacture:China

Napkin packaging machine


This machine has:

1. The machine can be directly connected to the front for automatic packaging to ensure continuous operation.

2. The packing bag is filled once. Improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.

3. The machine is easy to operate and requires low requirements from the operator; instead of manual control, the appearance of the finished product is more standardized.

4. The whole machine is equipped with PLC program control, which precisely controls positioning, operating parameters are easily set and changed.

5. The main parts of the control parts of the machine are imported high - quality parts, and the rest are national standard high - quality parts, and the performance of the machine is stable and reliable.

How to use:

Place the product directly on the front end of the paper cylinder and insert the hole in the bag into the outlet port, push the switch button, insert the paper into the bag and automatically fold the bag and finish sealing.


Technical specifications

Packing speed: 8 - 12 packs / min

Supply voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz

Air source voltage: 0.5 MPa (supplied by customer)

Total power: 0.4 kW

Package Size: 130 - 210 * 95 - 100 * 50 - 95mm

 Machine Size: 2500 * 900 * 1300 mm

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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