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Log Accumulator
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Log Accumulator

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Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China

Toilet paper production line

 Machine model: EAN - 203 

Log width: 1800 mm (the other size can be specified)

 The diameter of the log: Φ95mm ~ Φ140mm

Table magazines: 150 - 160Logs

Pump speed 25 logs / min

Number of magazines: 40 - 400 magazines (to be ordered)

 Dimensions: 4000 * 3000 * 5500 mm

Programming the controller: the PLC (of Delta)


The company also produces £ functional - equipment:

The line of finished products:

  • The line  for the production of toilet paper
  • Production line for facial tissues
  • Line for the production of paper napkins
  • Line for the production of paper towels

machine functions:

  • Machine for rewinding toilet for sale
  • Machine for cutting toilet paper
  • sawmill machine
  • Tissue Packaging Machine
  • Fabric printing paper machine
  • Machine for the manufacture of casings for toilet paper

Frequently asked questions for the purchase of production lines for roll paper:

Q1: What is a toilet roll, which produces the product payment terms, trading conditions, which you accept?

Usually we work T / T 30% deposit / 70% before shipment, the cost usually offer FOB Qingdao. It is also able to offer price at the CFR and CIF, etc.

Q2: How much is simple in production line of cartridges for toilet paper and that do not have it work?

Firstly, our production line of very stable and easy to operate by one person, you just need to learn some basic things, such as loading a large roll of paper, start the machine and paper cutting. You will have a guide and video, so we invite you to visit our factory to get the full practical advice and if something goes wrong, you can call us through video chat, or email us. We will give a decision within 36 hours. As needed, our engineer can come to your country.


Q3: How and where can I get spare parts that can be damaged?

We provide you with spare parts that are vulnerable, and some important details, such as the gearbox. The quality of our equipment and parts is good, but if something breaks during the first year, we will send the details to you for free.

Q4: What is your plant for the production of toilet paper gets the raw materials?

Raw materials are mainly made of wood pulp, cane syrup, shredded waste paper.

You can purchase the raw materials in the country. If necessary, we can purchase raw materials from our suppliers partners in China at a low price for you.

Q5: How do I get the value of the machine for the production of toilet paper?

You must submit your application with a description of your needs so that we can offer you products according to your requirements. The answer we give within 12 hours.

Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 02.06.2020
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