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Complete Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line
  • Complete Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line
  • Complete Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

Complete Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

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Country of manufacture:China

Complete Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line

The automatic line for cutting small paper rolls is designed for quick cutting of roll paper, mainly consists of two parts, which consist of two parts, one is an automatic roll paper rewinder and the other is an automatic roll paper cutter. The cutter inside the machine is divided by the length we need. Then the packaging is collected or further specified. It is suitable for achieving high efficiency while maintaining customer demand. At the same time, automation of the fast paper cutting line, significantly freeing up labor, saving labor costs.


Features and Features

 1.Automatic core feeding system, automatic log pusher after rewinding, then rewinding a new log again.

 2. Automatic trimming, core feed; automatic edge trimming, simultaneous glue spraying and sealing. Leaving a tail 10–18 mm long, it is easy to rewind, which reduces waste and reduces costs.

 3. Adopts international advanced PLC programmable control technology, human - machine interface operation, data set and parametric error displayed on the touch screen.

 4. Accepts 4 pcs. High - precision spiral knives, low noise, with transparent perforation, use a gearbox to increase range.

 5. Three horizontal rear racks, pneumatic loading system, with wide flat drive belts; Each large roll can be adjusted independently.

 6.Embossment block: accept embossing point - to - point rollers so that the two layers align well, the paper is soft and has clear patterns

 7. Use the switches to carry paper, simple and safe to operate.


Main technical parameters

 Maximum roll width 1750 mm (other sizes can be specified)

 Large roll diameter Φ1100mm

 Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter 3inches (76.2)

 Diameter of finished products Φ80 - φ140mm

 Inner diameter of finished products φ38 - φ48mm

 Punching distance 100 - 150mm

 Production Speed 0 - 180m / min

 HMI parameter set, touch screen

 Pneumatic system Air compressor 3 hp, minimum pressure: 5 kg / cm 2 Pa (user supplied)

 Total power 7.5 - 15 kW (depending on model and configuration)

 Unroll stands 2 or 3 racks

 Unwind gear Stepless speed control

 Rewind block With or without core

 Dimension 7800X3000X1720mm

 Weight 3500 ~ 4500 kg

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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