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Carding machine / Carding machine price
  • Carding machine / Carding machine price
  • Carding machine / Carding machine price

Carding machine / Carding machine price

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Carding machine / Carding machine price

Characteristics of China Carding Machine for Wooden roller or Iron Best Price: cotton, old sweater wool, chemical fiber one - time molding into cotton tire. Then cover the quilting and then use the computer quilting machine to quilted various patterns, which is made by more beautiful, luxurious and durable. As a collection of many fine stretch machine and carding machine advantages in a multi - functional carding machine.

Suitable for man - made fibers, wool sweaters and old comb molded fragmentation, old bedding and cotton can sort recycling, single - cylinder high - speed carding, the cotton Astoria single, high yield, the use of a chopper stripper. Design science, the structure solid and reliable, easy maintenance. Set of cleaning, opening, carding, forming function as one, a complete, easy operation, low power consumption, small footprint; processability old cotton, old cotton fiber, wool fiber, old wool and other materials, to tease out the soft goods , loose, personal, popular market customers.   




power (kw)

 4kw, 0. 75kw fan, 0. 75kw 

voltage (V)


capacity (kg/h)


Working width (mm)

1750 - 2050

Motor speed (RPM)


Cylinder dia (mm)


Doffer dia (mm)


Wool opening roller (mm)


Working roller (mm)


wiper roll (mm)


dimension (m)

2. 4 * 2. 45 * 1. 8

weight (kg)

1500 kg


Information is up-to-date: 02.06.2020
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