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Cardboard Sleeve Machine
  • Cardboard Sleeve Machine
  • Cardboard Sleeve Machine

Cardboard Sleeve Machine

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Country of manufacture:China

Cardboard Sleeve Machine


 Spiral paper machines, two - stage single - lane full - speed frequency converters, automatic round knife active tracking and precise cutting Far - infrared photoelectric control, this model is suitable for medium and low density paper tubes and packaging paper. The production of paper cans using automatic lubricating devices from paper drums. The surface of the paper can be smooth, and the inner wall of the paper tube is clean and hygienic, suitable for small products. Bakery products. Wine cabinet. Seasoning for the kitchen. Chemical dyes. Seed. Pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Technical Parameter

 1. Coil diameter: 35mm - 60mm.

2. Coil thickness: 1mm - 12mm.

3. Winding speed: 3m - 15m / min, which can be adjusted according to the self - filling of paper tube.

4. Coil length: set the cut length to the required size using far infrared control.

5. Pipe cutting method: a round knife actively monitors automatic thin cutting, and the length of the paper tube can be determined as desired.

6. Bonding method: automatic double - sided size

7. Bottom paper: in the same direction of paper

8. Paper feed method: vertical paper holder

9. Number of documents: 2 - 16 layers, adjusted in accordance with the weight of the paper and the thickness of the paper tube.

10. Engine power: host power 3 kW

11. Control mode: Frequency controller of the main unit, the whole machine is synchronized at several points.

12. Transmission design: Chain, turbine deceleration, V - belt synchronization.

13. General shape: 3000 mm * 1800 mm * 1400 mm

14. Total host weight: 1000 kg

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 28.05.2020
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