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Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine
  • Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine
  • Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine
  • Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine

Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine

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Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China

Automatic High Speed Toilet Paper Embossed Rewinding Making Machine buy in Сhina

With the development of the toilet paper rewinding machine towards large size, the average paper sheet produced by the paper is cut between 1. 9 - 3 meters, and many large paper mills are more than three meters, and the 1880 type paper rewinder can process a large paper of toilet paper under 2. 1 meters. Compared with other types of toilet paper production equipment, 1880 is more suitable. Small and medium - sized enterprises and individual selection, not only in the choice of raw materials have advantages, but also to a certain extent, to increase production and reduce the loss of paper products.

 toilet paper rewinding machine toilet paper rewinding

1. PLC is applied to automatic rewinding, automatic delivery of finished products, immediate reset and rewinding, automatic trimming, glue spraying and sealing simultaneous completion. Instead of the traditional waterline trimming, a new type of trimming and sticking tail technology is realized. The finished product has 10mm - 20mm paper tail, which is convenient for opening. No paper tail loss is realized, thus reducing the cost. High Speed e

2, PLC is applied to finished products in the process of rewinding to tighten and loose first, so as to solve the phenomenon that paper core looses due to long time storage.

3, the use of the original paper monitoring system, automatic shutdown of paper. During the high speed running process, the original paper is monitored in real time to reduce the loss caused by the paper breaking and ensure the normal operation of the equipment at high speed.

4. The coreless roll paper forming rewinding system has changed the traditional process of core pulling and rewinding, and achieved the effect of solid without loosening. Reduce the labor cost and make the finished product more beautiful.

5. High precision spiral punching knives, 3 holes, lower noise, adjustable punching distance, clearer and more beautiful holes.

6, three tier synchronous delivery tray, pneumatic paper, pneumatic double width belt feed, each layer of base paper has tension adjustment device.

7, use the front middle rear switch to pull the base paper, and the paper operation is simpler and safer.


1575 type toilet paper rewind


HY - 1575

Original paper width


The outer diameter of the original paper

1100mm (other sizes specify please)

Inner diameter of paper core

76. 2mm (other sizes specify please)

Finished product diameter

60 - 120mm (other sizes please specify)

Inner diameter of the product paper core

20 - 50mm (other sizes please specify)

Programming controller

PLC computer programming

Processing capacity

120 - 150 meters / minutes

Punching pitch

90 - 180mm (other specifications please specify)

Paper back rack

1 - 3 layers (number of paper rolls, please specify)


2. 5kW  toilet paper rewinding 






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A: What's the warranty period of thetoilet paper rewinding machine? t
B: The warranty period about the toilet paper making machine is 1 year , and if there are any problems during the warranty period, we will send spare parts to you free of charge. After this period of time, we will support you when necessary. You can contact us to solve any problems that may arise.

A: How do I search your product? Automatic Toilet Paper Making Machine toilet paper rewinding 

B: You can enter Toilet Paper Making Machine or Toilet Paper Rewinde Machine on the Alibab to search for our products, or search for other words, such as Automatic Toilet Paper Making Machine or Toilet Paper Machine.

A: Why do I choose your company? toilet paper rewinding 
B: We have 20 years of experience in machine production. Toilet Paper Making Machine Toilet Paper 
C: we have a professional research team to develop machines Toilet Paper Roll Making 
D: we have our after sales team and engineers to support customers in machine operation and product products. t paper making machine toilet paper making machine toilet paper making machine
E: spare parts in our machines are controlled by CNC / computer digitally for high precision manufacturing. This makes the machine last longer and more stable at high speed. Our product has a higher price performance

Brand:Elmira Machinery
Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 02.06.2020
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